Another momentous pass: Kiel is on the heels of SG – handball

Flensburg sovereign, lions win again

The THW Kiel has successfully solved the difficult task: In the top match of the 27th match day won the zebras 30:29 at the Berlin foxes. And in the other three games, the favorite teams went from the plate as the winner.

Fell in the decisive attack the wrong choice: Fabian Wiede.

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In the duel for the German championship, championship leader SG Flensburg-Handewitt has maintained his lead over pursuer THW Kiel. The Flensburg won on Thursday evening in the home Flens Arena the game against relegation threatened VfL Gummersbach 28:20. With the 25th win of the season coach Maik Machulla's team built their points account to 50: 2. The four counter worse THW Kiel leaves the northern rivals but not hurry. The zebras fought for the foxes Berlin 30:29.

The Flensburg had against Gummersbach clear start-up difficulties: In the first quarter of an hour Oberbergi led several times, only after 19 minutes played, the SG was able to settle for the first time with two goals of the twelve-time German champions. However, Flensburg also acted with handbrake on – but it's on Sunday in the top match against the Rhein-Neckar Löwen.

Duvnjak leads Kiel to victory

Led by a powerful Domagoj Duvnjak, THW Kiel decided to re-launch the new edition of the Cup semi-final in his favor. The Kiel goalkeepers initially had a weak day – the Danish World Champion Niklas Landin parried only in the 32nd minute, the first Berlin throw. All in all, the German record champion but increased after the break significantly and turned the 13:15 rest gap within five minutes in a 17:15. In a chaotic final phase of the THW but the decision then several times – and so should the foxes in the last few seconds but once again get the opportunity to equalize. But Fabian Wiede, who had announced the move in the previous break, should afford a momentous pass.

It was completely my mistake. We announced the move, but I acted wrongly.Berlin's Fabian Wiede

After the game, the left-hander took over the responsibility: “Of course I imagined the last pass at the last second and therefore I'm disappointed, it was completely my mistake, we called the move, but I acted wrong.” Kiel coach Alfred Gislason, on the other hand, was in for a breath of fresh air. “The championship has wobbled throughout the game, because in the first half, our defense has not occurred at all,” said the Icelanders. “The Berliners were clearer in the first half and we did not play that smoothly, it was a lot better for us after the break and it was a lucky win, no question.”

Lions conquer Hannover thanks to Schmid's turbo-phase

The Rhein-Neckar Löwen remain in fourth after the 30:28 (16:14) at TSV Hannover-Burgdorf. The match was canceled by Lion Captain Andy Schmid. Seven goals in 14 minutes were record-breaking. In the end, there were eleven goals in his account. The expected next defeat conceded the owls Ludwigshafen. The bottom of the table was defeated by Frisch Auf Göppingen with 23:32 (7:10).

The Thursday in overview

Goals for Berlin: Lindberg 7/4, Drux 5, Wiede 4, Koch 3, Marsenic 3, Zachrisson 3, Elisson 2, Gojun 1, Mandalinic 1
Goals for Kiel: Duvnjak 6, L. Nilsson 5, Weinhold 5, Ekberg 4/1, Wiencek 4, Pekeler 2, Reinkind 2, M. Landin 1, Zarabec 1
spectator: 10,000
penalty minutes: 4/2
disqualification: – / Zarabec (53.)

Goals for Flensburg: Jöndal 6/3, Svan 6, Golla 5, Leach Schmidt 4, Röd 3, Gottfridsson 2, Glandorf 1, Johannessen 1
Goals for Gummersbach: Schukow 5, Summer 5/2, Baumgärtner 4, Martinovic 3, Herzig 1, Norouzi Nezhad 1, Preuss 1
spectator: 6,300 (sold out)
penalty minutes: 2/8

Gates for Hannover-BurgdorfCehte 7, Kastening 7/4, Olsen 5, K. Häfner 3, Ugalde 3, Böhm 2, Atman 1
Goals for the lions: Schmid 11/2, Petersson 6, Kohlbacher 5, Tollbring 4/1, Larsen 2, Fäth 1, Palicka 1
spectator: 7,551
penalty minutes: 6/2
disqualification: Pevnov (50.) / –

Goals for Ludwigshafen: Durak 5/5, Jer. Müller 4, Spiler 3, Haider 2, Salger 2, Stüber 2, Bührer 1, Dietrich 1, Falk 1, Scholz 1, Walullin 1
Goals for Goeppingen: Heymann 6, Kozina 6/4, Zelenovic 5, Kneule 4, Schiller 4, Rentschler 3, Peric 2, Bagersted 1, Sörensen 1
spectator: 2,350
penalty minutes: 10/8

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