NFL Combine 2019: DK Metcalf just became more terrifying, football freak

American football fans were already aware DK Metcalf was an absolute weapon. But in case they needed any further clarification, now they know how close to superhuman he really is.

A photo of the ridiculously ripped third-generation NFL hopeful went viral earlier this month when he made his gym junkie training partners regret getting in the same snap as him.

The son of former Chicago Bears offensive lineman Terrence Metcalf, DK grew up in NFL lockers — and by the looks of him now he was also no stranger in the weight room.

Metcalf (far left) put his mates to shame.Source: Twitter
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But if that photo sent social media wild then Metcalf’s measurements from the NFL Combine will only speed up the hype train surrounding the 21-year-old man mountain.

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