NHL expansion team the Las Vegas Golden Knights reveal new players, jersey, regular season debut date, Marc-Andre Fleury, NHL Awards

THE NHL expansion Las Vegas team the Golden Knights have revealed their new players, jersey and regular season debut details.

Marc-Andre Fleury took the stage at T-Mobile Arena in a brand- new Vegas Golden Knights jersey, and his new fans welcomed him to town with raucous cheers. After an up-and-down career in Pittsburgh, the three-time Stanley Cup champion goalie is among 30 NHL veterans who could get a fresh start out West after the Golden Knights grabbed him in the NHL expansion draft.

“I didn’t know that was coming,” Fleury said about his new fans’ enthusiasm.

“I was a little surprised by that. That was a warm welcome, and I’m getting excited about it.”

A year after the NHL welcomed owner Bill Foley’s 31st franchise into the league, the Golden Knights finally have the core of the team they’ll put on the desert ice this fall.

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