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NRL 2019: Penrith Panthers Phil Gould podcast comments suggest more to come in sex tape scandal, Paul Kent NRL 360

After hearing Phil Gould’s podcast comments today, Paul Kent believes the Panthers are preparing for more hurt.

Speaking on his Six Tackles with Gus podcast, Gould revealed he “always had a nervous gut feeling that things weren’t right in our club”.

“From a club perspective and a personal perspective, it’s been like a thunderbolt,” the Panthers general manager said.

“I always had a nervous gut feeling that things weren’t right in our club, for a long time.”

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Expansion: relocate or teams?

Expansion: relocate or teams?


And Kent said it sounded like Gould was doing his best to soften the blow ahead of a new chapter in the sex-tape scandal that has rocked the game.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to today has a feeling that this is just a warning bell that there’s more to come… so it softens the blow,” Kent said.

He jumped on Gould’s comment that he didn’t expect “that this could have been a part of that type of thing”.

“Well what’s he anticipating then?” the NRL 360 co-host asked. “What is it? Let’s speak to that.”


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Gould also seemingly implied that the media had made a mountain out of a mole hill in its coverage of a scandal that has already seen Tyrone May charged by police over two lewd videos, and fellow players Liam Coleman and Tyrone Phillips investigated by the NRL’s Integrity Unit over separate footage.

“What I have been absolutely gobsmacked by… was the fact that all this was consensual behaviour — which with some of the images I find astonishing — but it’s natural behaviour, it’s something that’s been going on for a long time,” Gould offered.

“Both boys and girls this is considered natural behaviour from the time they’re in school, they’re just so ingrained in it.”

The Panthers supremo even claimed there was “malicious intent” from the mainstream media.

Ben Ikin took exception to the Panthers supremo “explaining away what the players did and then pointing to the malicious intent from the media”.

“It’s almost as though you’re condoning one one hand and saying it’s someone else’s fault. The only reason you need to stop this is because of the way it’s being reported,” Ikin said, shaking his head.

Kent agreed, adding: “Let’s talk about the malicious media. The videos were filmed by the players or other people in the room and then distributed either by the players themselves or other people that they’ve shared it with. It was then exposed on social media, not mainstream media, social media. That’s where it all began.”

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